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Diane Mastrull: Villanova Student Is Already An Entrepreneur

Charlie Dolan (right), a senior at the Villanova School of Business, peeks in on the office of Madonna Sutter (seated), Associate Dean of External Relations for the Villanova School of Business, and Cathy Toner, Director of Communication and Marketing for the Villanova School of Business. (TOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer) "He wasn't scared by that," Jim Dolan, who lives in Naples, Fla., recalled of his son's reaction to being here. in the presence of a tech giant. "He wanted to talk about Halo," the enormously popular science-fiction video game Gates owned via Microsoft subsidiary Bungie Studios. Jim Dolan said his youngest of six sons is unflappable and "manages his time and his obligations much better than I did at his age." On a visit to Villanova, where the senior Dolan is on the board of the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, he said he joked with Maggitti, the business school dean and the ICE Center's founder, that "nobody knew me when I was here." By contrast, Charlie Dolan made himself known from the time he arrived on campus, recalled Maggitti, a member of the faculty since 2008 and business school dean since June 2012. He said Charlie Dolan asked him for advice and seemed to take advantage of every program at the ICE Center when he was forming Sequoia. Maggitti, himself the founder of two companies, said he was impressed that Dolan "had a fully articulated idea" for the business he wanted to start.
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Exuma entrepreneur expanding reach

In addition, he will use a conch tour to teach Bahamians and visitors about the popular Bahamian food, all due to the governments assistance. That has allowed me to have my own business, my own spot to do what I want to do - to do the conch tour, to attract more tourists to venture out into the Stocking Island area, Mr. Tucker said. What I have noticed over the years gone by since Sandals came here, most of their people like to go across the water (to Stocking Island). So at my other business in Steventon, people were not trafficking down there that much. Mr. Tucker said the small businesses in Exuma are also getting assistance with marketing.
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